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The purpose of this website is to expose one of "India's Biggest Financial Frauds" as...


Criminal Conspiracies, Criminal Breach of Trust, Cheating & Frauds of INR 50,000+ Crores by Anil Jindal, Chairman, SRS Group of Companies & his son Pratik Jindal (www.srsparivar.com) with Public, Banks, State & Center Governments by registering hundreds shell companies {Annexure 1}, money laundering & forgery etc. with the help of their family, relatives & friends, Statutory Auditors / Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Lawyers, Bank Officials, Frauds & Scams Consultants and hundreds of their employees etc.


A few facts about Anil Jindal, Chairman, SRS Group & his son Pratik Jindal - master minds of economic frauds, criminal conspiracies and hardcore white collared criminals are as…

1. Wilful Defaulter of thousands of crores of Bank Loans – SRS Group is a wilful defaulter for dozens of bank loans of thousands of crores. With pre-planned conspiracy and nexus with bank officials, Anil Jindal got huge amount of loans from different banks with the intension of insolvencies & bankruptcies only. SRS Group has taken enormous loans from different banks for its owned / shell / benami companies and has become defaulter. A list of charges worth thousands of crores registered for just few owned / shell / benami companies as per http://www.mca.gov.in is annexed as {Annexure 2}.

A few bank notices are annexed as {Annexure 3} and related photographs are annexed as {Annexure 4} about NPA.

After Transaction Audit of SRS Limited, one of hundreds of SRS Group companies, Grant Thornton LLP (GT) has reported fraudulent or wrongful trading transactions of INR 1,329.89 Crores and Undervalued Transactions of INR 17.47 Crores {Annexure 4A}. Such frauds are done in dozens of others companies of SRS Group also.

After above reporting of Grant Thornton LLP (GT), Corrupt Officials of State Bank of India having hand in glove with SRS Group also had to declared loan account of SRS Limited as Fraud, where loan amount is INR 1060+ Crores {Annexure 4A}.

State Bank of India, Syndicate Bank and Union Bank of India, who gave loans to SRS Limited, have reported SRS Limited account as fraud to Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

2. Frauds with banks – Doing criminal conspiracy, SRS group has done fraud with banks in taking a loan of INR 110 Crore from Canara Bank. In one of such case, a branch of SBI submitted a written complaint annexed as {Annexure 5} about financial fraud of SRS Group to office of Commissioner of Police, Faridabad and requested to lodge a FIR and impound passports of 17 directors of SRS Real Estate Limited. Many directors among these have been fled from India already.

In this issue, SBI financed INR 90 Crore approx. under Tripartite Agreement for a project called SRS Royal Hills, Phase 1, Sector 87, Faridabad. On this same project SRS Group fraudulently acquired a loan of INR 110 Crore from Canara Bank using nexus with bank officials by showing land empty, where residential towers were already constructed, later on which was turned NPA. Now Canara Bank is claiming possession on flats to recover loan amount.

In another case, SRS Group acquired a big hospital in Faridabad illegally and get approval for a loan of INR 110 crores on it with connivance with bank employees. For security, Anil Jindal mortgaged commercials units of its corporate tower named as SRS Tower constructed on leased land, which had been already sold to buyers, full payment taken from them but conveyance deed / registries were not executed. Later on, this illegal acquisition of hospital was cancelled by Commissioner of Gurgaon range annexed as {Annexure 6} and loan also tuned NPA. Similar frauds have done with owner of commercial units of SRS Mall, the first mall of Faridabad city.

3. Liquidation in NCLT using forged financial books - SRS Group is trying to liquidate one of its group companies as SRS Modern Sales Limited using forged financial books. Many creditors shown in this company are actually shell / benami companies of SRS Group itself annexed as {Annexure 7}. Naresh Kumar Goyal, Managing Director of this company and brother-in-law of Anil Jindal, has already fled from India.

4. Cases in NCLT against own shell companies – To cover up frauds done in jewellery segment, fake bad debts worth INR 825.34 Crore written off as mentioned in independent auditors’ review report for quarter ended 31.12.2017 of SRS Limited at page no. 6, point no. 5 at annexed as {Annexure 8}. To justify these bad debts, SRS Group has filed more than dozen cases in NCLT on its own shell / benami companies to recover bogus sales & loans of more than INR 481 Crores annexed as {Annexure 9}. These shell companies haven’t any physical existence. Directors in these shell / benami companies are friends, relatives of Anil Jindal and un-official employees of SRS Group itself. In these cases in tribunal, advocates for both, petitioner and respondent are hired by a same person, Anil Jindal. These advocates are doing "noor-ah kush-tee" there.

5. Money Laundering – Anil Jindal & Pratik Jindal have registered hundreds of shell / banami companies and are involve in money laundering. A partial list of hundreds of such companies are annexed as {Annexure 1} with owned companies. Directors in these companies are relatives, family members, un-official employees of SRS Group, persons from native village of Anil Jindal etc. Using name, digital signature, online banking login details of these directors, Anil Jindal and Pratik Jindal are being involved in documents forging and scams. By giving a part of salary through cheque and remaining salary in cash, father-son due have used directors like puppets. These directors are getting much higher salary than possible receivable salary in market, so they are keeping quiet and allow to use / misuse of themselves by Anil Jindal & Pratik Jindal.

Father-son duo have literally using many un-employed persons in their financial criminal activities by appointing them directors in their shell companies. Such employees are almost illiterate and haven’t understanding about any paper work.

Financial books of all of SRS Group companies are cooked up and manipulated. Accountants, internal and independent auditors, all are managed to grab money of public & banks and revenue payable to central & state governments.

SRS Group has diverted huge funds, received from real estate customers, investors and banks to out of India using legal and illegal ways. In name of exports, SRS Group has diverted money outside of India and later on declared it bad debts, as mentioned in annual report of SRS Limited for the financial year 2016-17 page no. 123, second para annexed as {Annexure 10}. Similarly, in domestic market too, false bad debts are shown in financial books in first para of annexure just mentioned.

Anil Jindal and Pratik Jindal have diverted thousands of crores out of India to fund non declared businesses, bought so much undeclared properties in various countries. They have diverted huge amount on other companies within India too, which are run by other founding promoters SRS group like Ballistic Learning Private Limited run by J. K. Garg and Horizon Global Limited run by P. K. Kapoor. Father son duo have established SRS International School (www.srsintlschool.com) using money taken from banks as loan and from investors as investment.

It is top among the classic cases of money laundering. Money laundering being an economic offence committed with much planning and deliberate design poses a serious threat to the nation’s economy and financial systems, integrity & sovereignty and has to be sternly dealt with. Economic offence is committed with cool calculation and deliberate design with an eye on personal profit regardless to the consequence to the community. The entire community is aggrieved if the economic offenders who ruin the economy of the State are not brought to book.

6. Real Estate Frauds – SRS Group is involve in a number of real estate frauds at large scale as…

A. In one of real estate projects as SRS Royal Hills, Sector 87, Faridabad – SRS Group took loan of INR 105 crores from Canara Bank and sold all flats of this project to customers & received full payment from them. SRS Group gave possession to owners of flats years back, but conveyance deed / registries were not executed. Now, SRS Group has become defaulter for this loan and bank has posted notices on flats. Only after multiple protests from flat owners, Faridabad police lodged a FIR against various directors of SRS Group (FIR No. 0440, Date 15.12.2017, Bhupani Police Station, Faridabad) in this issue. 1200-1400 families are at risk of losing their flats annexed as {Annexure 11}. Flat owners are staying in these flats from years and conveyance deed / registries are not executed by SRS Group yet. Flat owners have also done a complaint to Deputy Commissioner, Faridabad annexed as {Annexure 12}.

B. In one of affordable projects SRS Hightech Affordable Homes, Sector 87, Faridabad, doing collusion and criminal conspiracy with government officials, SRS Group has done fraud in draw of allottees, as draw is held within the presence of government officials. The draw result is bogus and cooked as a lot of draw winners are SRS Group’s own people like directors in group, relatives, employees, friends etc. In this project, SRS Group has allotted same flat to multiple buyers too and has charged amount from all of them. More than 826 families are victims in this project.

C. In another affordable project SRS Palm Homes, Sector 7, Palwal flat owners have deposited more than 50 % of price of flats and builder hasn’t even started work on site. 1200 flat owners are affected in this project annexed as {Annexure 13}.

D. In Raipur Rani, Panchkula, SRS Group launched a project SRS Residency, Panchkula by claiming wrong facts about land ownership and collected money from buyers in name of bookings. After years of making payment, no possession has been given. Buyers’ money at risk and they are running pillar to pillar. A FIR against was lodged against various directors of SRS Group (FIR No. 0111, Date 25.04.2018, Division 4 Police Station, Ludhiana) in this issue by an individual buyer annexed as {Annexure 14}.

E. In another real estate fraud case annexed as {Annexure 15}, one more FIR No. 0149 Dated 30.03.2017 at Sector 31 Police Station, Faridabad was lodged only on order of Hon’ble Court.

F. In a commercial project named SRS Tower, where SRS Group has its own corporate office too, same commercial units are sold to multiple buyers, received full payment, didn’t executed conveyance deeds / registries, taken loan from bank by mortgaging units. SRS Group has turned defaulter for this loan too.

G. In a project called SRS Pearl Floors, Faridabad there are 736 flat owners. Possession was given approx. 5 years ago. Now, SRS Group is demanding for INR 7 lac from each flat owner for executing registry and in case for not paying this amount, SRS Group is threating to impose INR 5,000 per month as penalty with interest on flat owners {Annexure 16}. SRS Group is involve in unfair practices in real estate business.

H. In another real estate fraud case is SRS Pearl Heights, Sector 87, Faridabad. SRS Group has charged up to 80-100 % of cost of from buyers. With collusion and criminal conspiracy with government officials, SRS Group have acquired Occupational Certificate through forgery {Annexure 17} for an incomplete project and forcing buyers for registry. This project hasn’t even have own electricity connection , elevators are not installed on all places in 14 stories towers, fire safety equipment are not in place, and construction of club is not even started yet. Basement parking of building is not ready yet. 192 families are affected in this particular project.

There are various other such residential / commercial projects at Faridabad, Palwal etc., where SRS Group has charged 20-90 % of price of flats / commercial sites and either construction hasn’t started or construction has been left in between. Thousands of victims are paying EMI & rent and they haven’t hope of getting possession over their properties.

Another issue with real estate segment of SRS Group is inferior quality of construction. SRS Group has used very low quality material in construction of almost every real estate project annexed as {Annexure 18}. The signs of low quality were getting appeared even before the possession given. Buyers have no choice other than to take possession and do complaints about this to builder and government departments. But no one has taken any action as there is connivance between builder and district & state administration.

SRS Group is also engaged in maintenance of its real estate projects, after offer of possession. Generally, SRS Group is carried out maintenance work by its benami companies. In maintenance also, SRS Group is exploiting buyers by various means.

Anil Jindal and Pratik Jindal are so much greedy that they want to loot each and every person, which comes in their contact.

7. Fraud with Investors – Using goodwill of SRS Group and middlemen, from general public, Anil Jindal & Pratik Jindal have collected thousands of crores through cheques / cash against in name of booking - delivery of plots / flats / shops etc. at different locations in its own Real Estate Projects & periodical exorbitant returns by providing kacchi FD slips / False Agreements / MOUs annexed as {Annexure 19} & even without any receipt too. Many among investors are miserable middle and lower middle class of society including widows, retired people (who invested their gratuity & PF), very old age people, handicaps, Farmers (who invested money received as compensation for land acquired) etc.

From November, 2015 Anil Jindal is denying return on investment, principle amount & delivery of flats / shops and periodical return too. Whenever any investor ask for his money / property booked, he used to assault them physically with the help of a number of goons employed till before his own arrest. In one such case, a FIR No. 0187 Dated 12.04.2017 at Sector 31 Police Station, Faridabad was lodged. They used to threat buyers, whistle blowers & their accompanied to impose false police and court cases annexed as {Annexure 20}.

Anil Jindal and his son have issued thousands of PDC annexed as {Annexure 19} to investors worth thousands of crores from bank account of a non-working company. Anil Jindal & his son Pratik Jindal registered a company with name as “SRS Buildmart Private Limited” on October 1, 2015 with authorize capital of just INR 1 Lakh, where Anil Jindal made Nanak Chand Tayal & Bishan Bansal directors as a part of pre-planned conspiracy. These two are directors in many prominent companies of SRS Group too. Moving further in his conspiracy, after few months, Anil Jindal & his son gave entry to their body guard Devender Adhana as a full time director in company annexed as {Annexure 21}, issued 5,500+ PDC worth thousands of crores with signature of Davender Adhana to investors and changed the name as “SRS Custocare Private Limited” and registered address of company. Then with the malafide intension, another body guard Krishan Kumar got entry in company as a director annexed as {Annexure 22} and Nanak Chand Tayal & Bishan Bansal resigned from the company annexed as {Annexure 23}. After that Anil Jindal once again changed the name of company as “PDF BUILDMAT PRIVATE LIMITED” annexed as {Annexure 24}. This company has no actual business activity. This company was floated only to give such PDC to thousands of investors, which will never be honoured.

Above mentioned 5,500 cheques have been get issued from bank accounts maintained with Oriental Bank of Commerce, Neelam Chowk NIT, Faridabad (A/c No. 00181131004942) and Union Bank, Faridabad Main (A/c No. 354401010036468). Issue of 5,500 cheques within 26 days in 6 times for a no-business company hints about collusion between SRS Group and bank officials too. Details of issuance of these cheques are annexed as {Annexure 25}.

Anil Jindal has issued thousands of PDC from SRS KNOWLEDGE & TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED to investors having own signatures. Among these, various cheque bounce cases are in different courts.

In this case, investors did complaints to Commissioner of Police, Faridabad. After an investigation, on March 4, 2018 Economic Offence Wing (EOW), Central Zone, Faridabad Police registered 20 FIR against Anil Jindal, Pratik Jindal, Nanak Chand Tayal, Bishan Bansal, J. K. Garg, P. K. Kapoor, Vinod Garg, Devender Adhana and other directors & employees under section 420, 406, 120B IPC and Haryana Protection of Interest of Depositors in Financial Establishment Act 2013. These FIR were registered in Sector 31 Police Station, Fariabad annexed as {Annexure 26}.

In another case, SRS Limited accepted money against Fixed Deposits from public and later on at maturity date, denied to make payment. Investors took this issue to NCLT, Chandigarh and during case proceeding, seeing intension of Anil Jindal not returning money, in an order, Hon’ble Judge of NCLT, Chandigarh bench passed adverse comments about company and directed ROC (Registrar of companies) to initiate prosecution of the company and all the officers of the company annexed as {Annexure 27}. ROC has filed a case no. COMA/0000026/2018 at Special Court, Gurgaon in this matter u/s 74 of Companies Act 2013.

Anil Jindal has grabbed money of farmers / investors, by doing forgery in cheques annexed as {Annexure 28}. Anil Jindal transferred the money received as investment in share capital account of shell companies and showed allotment of shares of shell companies to farmers / investors in books only without their knowledge. Later on, he transferred those shares to directors and their family.

8. Grabbing of black / white money in cash – Anil Jindal, Pratik Jindal and persons in their network used to maintain a very good reputation in market before November, 2015. Therefore thousands of investors invested their black money in cash in SRS Group. There are so many such people, who sold their houses, shops, offices, lands etc. and invested huge white cash in SRS Group. Now in case of denying refund of money invested by SRS Group, such people are not in position of even doing any complaint to government agencies. From such investors, Anil Jindal & Pratik Jindal have grabbed enormous amount.

9. Listed company with fake business – SRS Group has BSE listed non-deposit taking non-systemically important non-banking finance (NDI-NSI-NBFC) finance company as SRS Finance Limited. All transactions are bogus. SRS Finance Limited has disbursed loans to owned / shell / benami companies, their directors and employees of SRS Group. This company has been also used for converting black money in white and giving entries to other businesses. The list of shareholders of this company is also almost fake. Relatives, friends, employees etc. are shown shareholders in this listed company. After siphoning off money worth INR 110+ Crore, this company has become defaulter towards various banks. Bank of Baroda, who provided a loan of INR 65 Crores to SRS Finance Limited, has informed RBI that they have declared loan account as Fraud. Bank of Baroda get done Forensic Audit of financial affairs of SRS Finance Limited from Forensic Auditors. Forensic Auditors had submitted their report on 13.07.2018 and observed that the clients of the SRS Finance Limited were the Potential Related Companies and bank funds were diverted through round tripping transactions. Thus the company has diverted and misutilized the bank fund for some other purpose. On 23.03.2019, Karnataka Bank, one of lender banks also reported to RBI about a fraud amounting to INR 13.26 Crores by diversion of funds in SRS Finance Limited.

10. Frauds in Foreign Businesses – SRS Group in involve in frauds outside of India too. SRS Limited established SRS Worldwide FZC, a commodity and jewellery trading company at Sharjah, UAE as a subsidiary of SRS Limited. As per SRS Limited Annual Report of 2015-16, profit of SRS Worldwide FZC was INR 2,443.38 lacs annexed as {Annexure 29}. In February, 2017 - SRS Group informed BSE about selling of SRS Worldwide FZC to Vihaan Impex DMCC for an undisclosed amount. They also told BSE that Vihaan Impex DMCC does not belong to Promoter / Promoter Group of the Company annexed as {Annexure 30}. In actual, this company having a very high worth was sold for a nominal amount of INR 99.89 lacs and Vihaan Impex DMCC belongs to Anil Jindal himself. Contact details of Nitin Goyal annexed as {Annexure 31}, one of director in owned / shell companies of SRS Group were getting displayed as contact details Vihaan Impex DMCC at https://www.dmcc.ae/business-search , when tried to collect information about company on internet.

Gold Jewellery exported from SRS Limited to Vihaan Impex DMCC and Arnav Jewellery LLC and it was told these companies didn't payment amount. These companies were reported as default debtors in financial books. While in actual these 2 companies at Dubai are benaami companies of Anil Jindal himself. Nitin Goyal used to look after Vihaan Impex and Mohit Kumar aka Mohit Gera used to look after Arnav Jewellery LLC. There are so many other such benaami companies in Dubai.

11. Malpractices during Demonetization – During Demonetization, using malpractices, SRS Group hurt the objective of demonetization in many ways as...

A. Accepted black money in old currency worth thousands of crores from various investors (politicians, bureaucrats and businessman) and used it various places as exchanged it with new currency with nexus with bank employees annexed as {Annexure 32}, to set off debts of many muscled buyers / investors by returning their money in old currency itself and by depositing cash in bank accounts of various owned, shell and benami companies of group. Details of cash deposit of more than INR 116 Crores during demonetization period is annexed as {Annexure 33}. To avoid scrutiny of government agencies, large amount was deposited in same day by dividing it in various small chunks with the collusion with bank officials. Apart from it, Anil Jindal didn't filed annual returns of various such companies for financial year 2016-17, where big amount of old currency was deposited. Some of such companies are DESTINY GEMS & JEWELLERS PVT. LTD., SHREE ASHTVINAYAK GEMS & STONES PVT. LTD., WELLKNOWN JEWELLERS PVT. LTD. etc. As on date, details of INR 116 Crores old currency cash deposit in bank accounts of just 17 companies are found. There may be further deposits in accounts of further companies.

B. Sold postdated (up to 3 years) SRS ValueBazaar Gift Vouchers annexed as {Annexure 34} on 200 to 300 % price, redeemable at dozens of SRS Group’s grocery stores.

C. Sold Diamond, Gold jewellery etc. on very high margin against old currency. Showed this stock decrease as sale to own jewellery based shell companies and later on written off as bad debts in financial books. SRS Group has 20+ shell companies in jewellery segment.

d. Sold real estate units on multiple prices against old currency.

12. Provided jewellery to investors to settle debts and did evasion of VAT / GST at large – To set off debts of a large number of investors, Anil Jindal given (deemed sale) purpose fully manufactured inferior quality diamond jewellery on price of multiple times. Such sale was done without any invoice and VAT / GST evasion was done at large. A FIR No. 1324 dated 21.11.2017 was lodged at Faridabad Central Police Station in one of such cases {Annexure 35}. Various investors have explaining about this jewellery sale over camera as videos available at link {Annexure 36}. Whole local public know about such deemed sale of jewellery worth thousands of crores, but VAT / GST department didn’t take any notice of this.

After this sale, to avoid consequences, SRS Group has winded up all wholesale & retails jewelry stores in many cities as Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Palwal, Delhi and Utter Pradesh annexed as {Annexure 37} under SRS Jewells name.

Debt of INR 15,000+ crores was settled by this deemed sale of jewelry. Hundreds of investors have submitted written complaints about this over-priced inferior quality diamond jewellery sale in lieu of investments to Commissioner of Police, Faridabad.

13. Sale of Goods Stock / Furniture & Fixtures / Plant & Machinery etc. of different businesses in cash – Since January 2017, SRS Group is involve in selling of Goods Stock / Furniture & Fixtures / Plant & Machinery etc. worth hundreds of crores in cash from its different business segments like Jewellery, SRS Value Bazaar, Confectionary, Medical Disposables, Cinema etc. All of these Goods Stock / Furniture & Fixtures / Plant & Machinery are mortgaged with banks against loans taken, but with collusion with banks officials, SRS Group is managing all.

14. VAT / GST Evasion at Large - As mentioned earlier, SRS Group has done VAT / GST evasion in selling Jewellery in old currency, deemed sale in lieu of investments, sale of Goods Stock / Furniture & Fixtures / Plant & Machinery etc. of different businesses in cash. Apart from these, SRS Group is involve in evasion of GST at its different manufacturing units like Medical Disposables (SRS Meditech Limited - www.srsmeditech.com), Bakery items (Swami Foods Limited & Swami Sweets & Namkeens Private Limited - http://www.srsparivar.com/7dayz/namkeens.htm) etc. {Annexure 38} This can be found out by tallying production capacity of plants and sale shown in books of related companies.

As per buyers of SRS Royal Phase II flat owners, VAT was collected from them but hasn't deposited it with Goverment of Haryana till date.

15. Registration of new companies – After doing so much Scams, Frauds, Corruption, Criminal Conspiracies, Anil Jindal is establishing new brand name as “Diazo Group” in same business segments, to replace “SRS Group”. A company has been registered as Diazo Industries Limited (where his son Pratik Jindal and nephews as Abhiehsk Goyal and Ankush Goyal have been directors) annexed as {Annexure 39}.

Another company has been floated as Diazo Entertainment Limited (Formerly known as Diazo Retail Limited) to start cinema business with brand name of ‘Fab Cinemas’ annexed as {Annexure 40}, where next generation of Anil Jindal’s extended family is director annexed as {Annexure 41}, while they already have SRS Entertainment Limited and SRS Cinemas & Entertainment Limited and dozens of cinemas in 8 states with brand name ‘SRS Cinemas’. SRS Limited is already in jewelry business with brand name SRS Jewells, Anil Jindal now has registered new company as Diazo Jewellers Private Limited having next generation as directors annexed as {Annexure 42}.

All of this exercise is to establish a business empire in same business segments under new brand name. This is like old wine in new bottle and an eyewash to governments, banks and public. History will be repeated and everyone’s money will be grabbed under new brand umbrella of companies.

15. FIRs with different police stations – Across the states, 100+ FIR are lodged against SRS Group, its directors and associates regarding cheating, fraud, robbery etc. Even a FIR No. 0375 Dated 01.06.2016 at Ballabhgarh City Police Station, Faridabad for forcing for suicide annexed as {Annexure 43}, which Anil Jindal settled with power of money & political connections. In his Suicide Letter annexed as {Annexure 44}, victim mentioned name of Anil Jindal as responsible for this suicide.

U/s - 120-B, 34, 323, 342, 379, 406, 420, 427, 467, 468, 471, 506 of Indian Penal Code, U/s 27, 54, 59 of Arms Act, 1959 as well as U/s - 3 of the The Haryana Protection of Interest Of Depositors In Financial Establishment Act, 2013 (Haryana Act No. 32 Of 2014), various FIRs are lodged in different police stations against Anil Jindal, directors in owned / shell / benami companies and other associates. A partial list of FIR (55 Nos.) is annexed as {Annexure 45}.

There are so many complaints in police stations that to reduce the number of FIR, in a single FIR, police have clubbed more than dozen complainants. If a separate FIR is lodged for every single complaint then number of FIR against SRS Group will be in thousands.

16. Court Cases – Thousands of cases are filed against SRS Group, Anil Jindal, other directors in different courts, which shows that these persons have no fear of law and are involve in financial crimes continuously. Anil Jindal and his son Pratik Jindal seem hardcore financial criminals.

17. Income Tax evasion – Wealth of directors / relatives / middlemen associated with this group have reached to sky from earth in last 10-15 years by just luring investors. Everyone got high commission from Anil Jindal & Pratik Jindal for luring investors to invest in SRS Group. Almost everyone associated with Anil Jindal is involve in income tax evasion at large and has benami properties / cash investments in market. Stories of reaching to sky from earth in few years of so many such persons are told and heard among people annexed as {Annexure 46}.

Nanak Chand Tayal, Phoofa of Anil Jindal, a close confidant of Anil Jindal, has made wealth of hundreds of crores in last 10-12 years. 15 Years ago or so, he used to run a very small grocery shop in Mewat with daily income of just few hundred rupees. As on date, he is most wealthy relative of Anil Jindal in SRS Group having too many nami and benami properties, money invested with many financiers in Delhi / NCR. Nanak Chand Tayal and his sons Parveen Tayal and Naveen Kumar Tayal, know so many secrets of about wrong doings of Anil Jindal and his son Pratik Jindal and they have information about many Big Shots also, who are hidden partners in SRS Group by investing their huge black money.

Another big culprits in SRS Group are Naresh Goyal - brother-in-law of Anil Jindal and Dhiraj Kumar Gupta. Their background was almost zero and they have made huge wealth in short span of time.

18. Other Crimes - Apart from above mentioned, other endless frauds and crimes are done by father-son duo with help of their team. Anil Jindal and Pratik Jindal are running a syndicate of economic offenders with hundreds of their family members, relatives, friends, employees and ex-employees etc., where all of them are involved in other criminal activities also like…

A. Many persons from group have multiple voter cards with a too much variation in their personal details like names, age etc. annexed as {Annexure 47}.

B. Family members of Anil Jindal have different DOB (Date of Birth) on different documents like Passport, PAN, DIN etc.

C. SRS Group is involve in forgery in PF deposit, non-payment of wages of laborers & salaries of employees, exploitation of employees at large.

D. A failed try of acquisition of hospital illegally.

SRS Group has exploited and harassed masses at large. Whole family of Anil Jindal is corrupt and is involve in financial monkey business. Male family members are stand by female members in their scams. SRS Group is a perfect example of white collar crimes.

On paper, SRS Group has many limited and private limited companies, but actually this group works like a proprietorship, whose proprietor / mastermind is Anil Jindal and his son Pratik Jindal assists him. Almost all relatives, a number of friends and a large number of persons of native village of Anil Jindal are part of team of SRS Group. All have exploited laws of country to cheat everyone at large.

EOW (Economic Offence Wing) of Faridabad Police has arrested 5 directors of SRS Group, including Anil Jindal, Chairman of SRS Group of Companies on April 5, 2018. After one day in judicial custody, accused were produced in court of Hon’ble ADJ (Additional District Judge) and were sent to police remand for 5 days. Since April 5, 2018, Hon’ble ADJ has granted police remand for all 5 accused, dozens of times in different FIR.

Later on, one more director of SRS Group, Rajesh Singla who is brother-in-law of Anil Jindal, was also arrested just before trying to flee to Nepal. Hundreds of other culprits are still roaming freely in India and 9 culprits, having name in multiple FIR, have already fled from India, after the arrest of Anil Jindal & others.

In June-July, 2018, Income Tax Department has raided multiple premises of more than 100 persons associate with SRS Group, have issued notices to hundreds of persons including directors in group, middlemen, investors and buyers. Till now, only one central agency, Income Tax Department has taken an initiative in SRS Group Mega Scam, but that is also with very much delay, as every culprit was prepared and was expecting & waiting for these long due raids.

As Income Tax Department has issued notices to many investors also, due to fear of department, many such investors who have done complaints of SRS Group in recent days and their FIR are not lodged yet, are withdrawing their complaints.

Fugitives like Vijay Mallya and Nirav Modi are nothing when compare with Anil Jindal, Chairman, SRS Group of companies. The actual amount involve in scams of Anil Jindal is multiple times of combined amount involved in cases of Vijay Mallya and Nirav Modi. Wrong doings of Anil Jindal seem perfect example of Economic Terrorism in history of India.

Just a few closest partners in crimes of Anil Jindal and Pratik Jindal’s are...

- Seema Narang, Sunil Jindal, J.K. Garg, P. K. Kapoor, Bishan Bansal

- Dheeraj Kumar Gupta, Parmod Kumar alias Parmod Grover

- Nanak Chand Tayal, Parveen Tayal, Naveen Kumar Tayal

- Rajesh Mangla, Rajesh Singla, Sushil Singla, Vishal Sorout

- Naresh Kumar Goyal, Ankit Goyal, Nitin Goyal, Ankit Garg

- Bhagvat Dayal Goyal, Abhishek Goyal, Ankush Goyal

- Tarun Garg, Gopal Garg, Mohan Garg, Vinod Garg alias Vinod Mama

- Parmod Goyal, Vinay Goyal, Sachin Goyal

- Deepak Garg, Pradeep Singal, Sandeep Singal, Raju Bansal, Vinod Jindal

- Pushpa Goel, Usha Goyal, Saroj Goyal, Neeta Goyal, Rahul Aggarwal

- Dinesh Khatri, Lalit Khosla, Kapil Aggarwal, Narender Singh Vaid

- Savita Trehan, Navneet Kwatra, Mamta Rastogi, Rakhi Mehta, Kumud Aggarwal, Shweta Marwah, Geeta Singh, Jyotsna Nanda, Rachita Garg, Rekha Chauhan, Mona Kaur, Rubal Raheja

- Anju Sood, Neelam Sharma, Samita Mathur, Sanjay Jain, Krishan Garg, K C Garg, Sonika Wadhwa

There are hundreds of other persons from SRS Group companies, who are involved in economic crimes done by Anil Jindal & Pratik Jindal. Apart from these, there are a large number of CA, CS, advocates, friends, relatives, middlemen-middlewomen etc. who are involved in economic crimes of SRS Group.

Economic Offence Wing (EOW) - Faridabad Police, Income Tax Department, Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO), Enforcement Directorate (ED), Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) & Economic Offence Wing (EOW) - Delhi Police, Ludhiana Police are already investigating mega scams done by SRS Group. ED has registered 2 ECIR, one under PMLA and other is under FEMA.

These Mega Scams need to investigate by DG GST Intelligence, DRI, SEBI, NSEZ, BSE, NSE, DGFT and other competent central authorities too.

Corrupt Bankers, Statutory Auditors / Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Legal Professionals etc. are parents of almost each and every Corporate Scam. These professionals are more responsible for scams than persons of a Corporate Groups, as being very well aware about the deficiencies of law and system of country they guide, encourage and protect Corporates to do scams. To reduce the scams in future, action against such professionals is more important.

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Purpose of this page to expose the Corporate Corruption of SRS Group, who is Wilful Defaulter towards Customers, Investors, Society, Banks, Government and Country.