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I, Manoj Aggarwal, am a Whistleblower. I have done B. Com., P. G. D. C. A. (University Topper), M. Sc. (Computer Science) and I am a businessman by profession.

From November, 2015 to October 2017, I watched SRS Group's criminal conspiracies to grab everyone's money. After seeing governments’ inaction, harassment & helplessness of investors & customers by SRS Group for 2 years, I decided to step into the matter to bring SRS Group under the law of land.

Being an Information Technology professional, I collected enormous data about wrong doings of SRS Group and launched this website in November 2017 and started communication & interaction with concerned government departments to expose “SRS Group Mega Scams”.

I will try my best for punishment to each & every crook of SRS Group and all those who helped them like Corrupt Bankers, Statutory Auditors / Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Legal Professionals etc.

Although, now I believe that law of India is really not capable to punish financial criminals appropriately. Generally prisons across India are just like hotels, where inmates with money may get anything by paying multiple fold charges. Only God can and will punish all culprits of SRS Group in justified manner.

As a whistleblower, my views and experiences during studying & analyzing of SRS Group Mega Scams and other financial scams done through out the country are as...

  • Such scams are result of corruption in system, who promote these. It is failure of system, who is unable to prevent these scams.

  • Laws in India do not consider financial crimes serious crimes and thus not capable to punish them appropriately

  • Victims get harassed in Indian Judicial system. Now a days, Judicial System has become so expensive, to which astonished and gullible victim can't afford. Financial criminals can afford them very well. They use victims' money against victim in courts. They manages persons in system using same money. A victim again gets harrassed by Judial System.

  • A number of lawyers misuse their knowledge about law. They help financial criminals in achieving their ulterior goals. So many proxy cases are filed for benefit to fraudsters. Lawyers get more money from scamsters, law breakers to maintain their lavish life.

  • Because of weak financial position, victims can't hire good lawyers and in the absence of knowledge of modus operandi and technical details of process of scams done, they can't explain to their lawyers that how they have been get cheated. Because of this, lawyers also don't present true and actual facts before court and get defeated their case. Poor and weak victims are not get heard in judicial system in the absence of representation by expensive capable lawyers. A victim can't hire even single lawyer, but criminals hire multiple lawyers and get escaped from their crimes.

  • I have found that Anil Jindal is a scam obsessed person. He has done thousands of scams in his life. He has passion for grabbing everyone's money. I have found that he is habitual financial criminal. He will be remain a threat to wealth of public and economy of country till his last breath. He is mentally sick person to do scams all the time. He can be termed as a financial terrorist.

  • Corrupt bankers are biggest economical criminals of country. They are parents of almost each and every economic corporate criminal of India. Corrupt bankers are part of almost every bank related fraud. For just a small benefit, they help fraudsters to grab hundreds / thousands of crores. Corrupt bankers have been top most reason for failure of demonetization. Corrupt bankers are so many in numbers and united that even government hasn't guts to take action against them. Corrupt bankers are helper / guide of financial dacoits to grab taxpayers' money.

  • Around the India, there are standard practice to do scams regularly. Scams are done, victims are cheated. Even then, due to lack of willpower by government, such scams don't get stopped. Reason is that they also get a part of such grabbed money in different ways.

  • Investigative agencies also don't show any interest into taking initiative to investigate scams and wait for courts & government’s' direction to do anything.

  • About corrupt corporates, the website MCA.GOV.in publishes less information, hides more, who register limited liability identities just to do scams.

  • Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries play vital role in organized scams. They suggest and promote scams and work as fixer.

  • Scamsters have made NCLT a tool to get rid from their crimes. NCLT has become a Ganga for fraudsters, where white collar economical criminals become clear after doing huge scams.

  • Today, media does not play its role in exposing corruption. Media has become most powerful in country than earlier, even more powerful than Governments and Supreme Court and can play a vital role in bringing culprits under law by forcing governments and courts to take action in appropriate way. Today, media has become money centric rather than news centric.

  • One exception of all above is IPS Amitabh Singh Dhillon, who initiated action against SRS Group on my complaint, as Commissioner of Police, Faridabad. All credit goes to him only for whatever action has taken till now in scams of SRS Group.

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Purpose of this page to expose the Corporate Corruption of SRS Group, who is Wilful Defaulter towards Customers, Investors, Society, Banks, Government and Country.