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P R A T I K    J I N D A L

  • Son of Anil Jindal - Chairman of SRS Group of Companies
  • Chairman of Diazo Group of Companies
  • Has been Director in various companies of SRS Group and Managing Director / Director in companies of Diazo Group as DIN - 06956254
  • One of masterminds of mega scams done using SRS & Diazo Groups
  • A criminal from an early age. Did dummy CA articleship with a CA firm, while doing B. Com.
  • Second generation White Collar Hardcore Criminal
  • Biggest beneficiary of Mega Scams of INR 50,000+ Crore of SRS and Diazo Groups
  • One of fugitives of SRS & Diazo Groups. Fled to USA after doing a number of mega scams. To avoid getting caught by different investigative agencies of India, doing time pass by taking admission in MBA - Finance and Financial Management Services (2018 – 2020) from Wilmington University, USA. His email id is pjindal002@my.wilmu.edu there
  • Had to marry to daughter of one of his employees, just before fleeing from India. This marriage was held at a luxury 5-Star Hotel at Chandigarh to avoid anger of investors / customers.
  • Named in at least 25 different FIR for financial frauds, lodged by hundreds of victims

Partial List of Crimes
  • With his father Anil Jindal & others, he did planning and executed those plans to grab thousands of crores from Customers, Investors, dozens of banks and others
  • Grabbed the salary of hundreds / thousands of employees
  • Did Taxes evasion, which were payable to Center & State Governments
  • Heavy amount was infused and siphoned off using SRS ENTERTAINMENT INDIA LIMITED and SRS SMART RETAIL LIMITED, where he was director
  • Has been director in SRS LEARN & KNOWLEDGE LIMITED, a company which was on paper only having no business in real
  • After doing all scams using SRS Group name, he established a new name as Diazo Group and registered 3 companies under this as DIAZO INDUSTRIES LIMITED (DIAZO RETAIL LIMITED), DIAZO ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED and DIAZO JEWELLERS PRIVATE LIMITED. Thereafter, he started siphoning off not even funds but assets & businesses too from SRS Group to Diazo Group. As per Transaction Audit done by Grant Thornton, assets worth INR 17.47 Crores were transferred from SRS Limited to DIAZO INDUSTRIES LIMITED at undervalued price. In this crime, his sister as Shelly Garg, 4 parental aunts as Usha Devi Goyal, Pushpa Goel, Saroj Goyal & Neeta Devi, 2 cousins as Abhishek Goyal & Ankush Goyal, grand parents as Girraj Singh and Gomti Devi, 1 relative as Rahul Agrawal and others were also involved.
  • Rajesh Mangla, a prominent associate of Anil Jindal & Pratik Jindal in crimes, helped in siphoning off funds from SRS Group to DIAZO ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED through RAJAT FINCAP PRIVATE LIMITED
  • Pratik Jindal registered a website domain as fabcinemas.com to siphon off screens from SRS Cinemas under SRS Limited to Fab Cinemas under DIAZO ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED
  • He registered at least 6 Trademarks to use under new name, while already having respective trademarks under different companies of SRS Group
  • In a written statement given (click here to read) at EOW - Faridabad Police, Anil Jindal accepted that Pratik Jindal has been part of all criminal conspiracies

Shareholding manipulation in Diazo Industries Limited (Diazo Retail Limited)

Shareholding manipulation in Diazo Entertainment Limited




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Purpose of this page to expose the Corporate Corruption of SRS Group, who is Wilful Defaulter towards Customers, Investors, Society, Banks, Government and Country.