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I filed a PIL in Supreme Court of India, which was listed before a bench containing Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi and two others as Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Justice K. M. Joseph. The hearing of this petition lasted for 10-12 seconds and it was get dismissed. Later on I filed review petition, which was also get dismissed.

I believe following reasons may be behind dismissal for such a genuine PIL about a number of financial scams at large scale...

  • National corporate media didn't highlighted this issue, therefore any justice didn't get a general idea about matter, its depth and modus operandi to carry out these mega scams. Bench dismissed PIL after reading 2-3 lines summary of PIL prepared by their subordinates as just a matter of financial irregularities.

  • I appeared myself to represent the matter in court. A celebrity lawyer didn't appear to represent PIL. This may be another reason for not taking me and my PIL seriously.

  • I strongly believe that in the absence of celebrities in case and media trial, bench of Supreme Court even didn't read my petition, facts of the matter were overlooked by subordinates - who prepared 2-3 lines summary of 200+ pages PIL and had been unable to understand the seriousness of matter.

    Supreme Court has been unsuccessful in delivering justice to masses affected in this case.

    Supreme Court, especially principle bench has become platform of doing politics between celebrities, politicians and others like them. Hours are spent on hearing in their cases and result is zero. Matters not highlighted by media having effect on masses get dismissed in just 10-12 seconds.

    Supreme Court works excellently with speed of light in those matters, which are made HIGH PROFILE by Corporate Media.

    Because of dismissal of my PIL - Millions taxpayers of country, Banks, Investors, Real Estate Customers and thousands of others directly affected families have been barred to get justice.

    Ultimately dismissal of my PIL will encourage the financial criminals for doing more crimes.

    I filed PIL for a Supreme Court monitored SIT probe containing CBI, SFIO, ED, IT and other compatible investigating agencies. After dismissal of PIL, because of continuous complaints and follow up with Government of India - SFIO, ED & CBI have started investigation in matter. Which indicates that decision to dismissal of my PIL was absolutely unjustifiable with everyeone.

    Money is second most powerful in India. Almost every issue and person can be managed by money. Anil Jindal is also managing various issues & persons using money grabbed from Customers, Investors, Society and Banks etc. He is using money against all those, from whom it was grabbed.

    Still, I believe that if SC intervene in this matter, victims of SRS Group may get a little relief and culprits may get a little punishment otherwise using power of grabbed money, Anil Jindal and Pratik Jindal will manage all.

    One thing, which I have learnt from this episode, for justice to victim(s), corporate media trial of issue is very much essential, ATLEAST IN PIL PETITIONS.

    Synopsis & List of Dates

    Writ Petition (Criminal) - PIL

    Details of these cases can be seen at link https://www.sci.gov.in/case-status

    Diary No. Year Title
    32307 2018 Manoj Aggarwal v/s Union of India & Others
    46313 2018 Manoj Aggarwal v/s Union of India & Others

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    Purpose of this page to expose the Corporate Corruption of SRS Group, who is Wilful Defaulter towards Customers, Investors, Society, Banks, Government and Country.